Wildgrapes Massage

Enjoy a true body work session where you benefit from a therapist who has 10 years experience in reading the body and applying appropriate techniques.

Work with Jane to find ways to deal individually with your physical and emotional stress.

Take responsiblity for your own stress levels so you are a joy to be around

Look after yourself so you can perform at your personal best

Take time out to replenish your own ‘well of joy’ and be able to share it with others


A massage with Jane includes aromatherapy with steaming hot towels and pure Aromatherapy oils tailored to your needs. You will experience deep tissue and/or relaxation massage using organic bees wax massage balm (not oil), hot rocks, advice on stretching and feedback about the balance of your body. This is a true body work session where you benefit from a therapist with 10 years experience of reading the body and working with appropriate techniques.
Techniques include a combination of
 Sports, Trigger Point and Remedial massage, Bowen style therapy, Thai, Swedish, Japanese and Hawaiian techniques, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Hot Stone Massage


Full body or part body gentle massage techniques to promote relaxation and good circulation to your body and mind

Sports Therapy and Deep Tissue

Warming the body with vigourous massage techniques and then application of deeper massage to release knots and tight muscle tissue. Often this treatment will involve longer time on smaller areas eg 1 hour on the neck and shoulders to work deeply through the muscle fibre

Trigger Point

As an adjunct to your deep tissue massage or on it’s own, Trigger Point therapy works by applying controlled deep pressure to key zones in the body causing release and natural healing of injured muscle groups.


Using steam, massage and hot compresses pure aromatherapy essences are worked progressively through your body.


Massage can be very useful in assisting clients to cope with body changes during pregnancy. As a precaution, I do not apply aromatherapy oils, not even the ‘safe’ ones, but use them in the room to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Bowen/Myopractic Style Therapy

As an adjunct to other massage therapy techniques, bowen therapy incorporates a set of postural diagnostic methods and application of specific cross fibre (flicking) moves to realign the body.

Jaw Treatment

Tight jaw muscles from dental work, grinding teeth at night, stress, a job where you talk for many hours of the day… can lead to persistant headaches and many other symptoms. My 90 minute treatment combines kinergetics, trigger points and heat to provide relief for the jaw and promote deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

Warm up with Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage uses heated basalt stones to soothe and relax. Hot Stones can be used for deep tissue massage or can be placed on the body at key energy points to encourage a deeper relaxation physically as well as emotionally.

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