1st Set up a Google analytics account
2nd Set up a Google Search Console Account, add your site you want to manage and verify that you are the site owner using the various options you have
3rd Install an SEO plugin – any one will do I prefer All in ONE SEO
4th Write compelling and engaging Meta Descriptions and appropriate page titles on all your pages and posts
5th Write engaging RELEVANT Content on all yoru pages and posts and use internal linking to highlight particular posts to readers.
6th If your SEO plugin does not help with Schema mark up – add a plugin that does or manually add Schema
7th Create your site map
8th Check your site map for erroneous pages as you do not want all your pages submitted – specifically wp-admin and other admin types, private member pages if any and so on. If it contains links to pages you do not want to be found, exclude them using the specific facility within your SEO plugin.
9th Submit your site map to Google via your Search console
10th Wait at least 3 – 6 weeks for results to show

If you didn’t get all that – sign up to this 🙂

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