Lots of talk about Google Pagespeed, Mobile speed and Yahoo YSlow. Google are putting more and more importance on UX (user experience) but in REALITY, take a look at the top 10 websites in your sector. Try this;

1. Go to Google, type in target search term (keyword/phrase).
2. In turn, run each organic listing through Google’s new Mobile Friendly test platform at https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/
3. Note the scores of the top 10 listed websites.
4. Take the average and use that to judge your website.

If, after taking the average you find your site is not listed in the top 10 but is hands down faster than the others, then there are other SEO factors you need to address …

Install the MOZ toolbar and look at your Domain Authority – register with MOZ (moz.com) and follow through their advice on site optimization.

Also use a platform like Star Social (http://social.starsocial.co.uk/signup) to increase social interaction across FB, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest – they have a great research option which allows you to search (via Google. RSS or Trending) and schedule hundreds of posts.

And track your traffic, either through GA or an opensource platform such as Piwik (I use both – Piwik is easier for my clients to understand).

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