I have had my Apple iPad2 3G for 3 days now.  If you want to skim this, please read the last paragraph first – it’s very important.

On day 1 I was impressed that it arrived on exactly the day Apple said it would – good service. Apple certainly gets the customer service side right.  You can have 30 days free phone support on new purchases.  I like that – I didn’t expect to have to use it though.

It fired up immediately, connected to my wireless network seamlessly and I was up and running.  So, there I was staring at it thinking it was really only a big iPhone.  Do I really need it?

However, as I started to search for Apps, I realised that one of the great things about iPad2 is the Apps community.  Whenever you have a thought bubble – “I wonder if it can do …. this ….” – you often find others who have had the same thought and are either frustrated that it “can’t do that”, or will direct you to the App which satisfies that need.  I like being part of the iPad2 community.

So I went off to the Telstra shop and purchased a prepaid data pack sim so I could have access when away from wifi networks.  There isn’t much info about how this works, but I found out that my iPad2 uses the local wifi network when available and will log in to my Telstra Sim at other times.  One wierd quirk is that you need to enable global roaming for the Sim to operate – strange, oblique reasoning and difficult to locate the info.  I found out because my Telstra sales person was interested enough to hand on the tip – lucky I had a good rep.

Day 2 was pretty dismal.  WiFi stopped working.  It was fine for every other computer in the house, but iPad2 was not going to connect.  I went online searching for solutions and tried all the Apple suggestions of restoring my iPad (make sure you sync first in order to have a backup – new terminology sync means backup) , resetting my iPad, rebooting my modem etc.  Online I found many forums demanding that Apple fix this bug – this worried me – others had a mysterious WiFi problem.  Dam this is no good!

I then phoned Apple who took me through all the above.  They said I should then go to another WiFi outlet and ensure that the problem was indeed my iPad2 and not my router. This got me thinking, and I asked about the correct router protocols and was given some new info.  After hanging up I started thinking.  I changed my security to enable both WPA/WPA2 – bingo it worked!

So far so good.  I am thinking that the people who bagged Apple on the forums were a little premature to blame Apple.  However, I think there needs to be a router protocols checklist somewhere to enable trouble shooting.  If it’s available somewhere online, I couldn’t find it.  If I have WiFi problems on this network again, I’ll be very worried.

By the way Apple tech support was very helpful and they were very ready to replace my Apple iPad2 if it showed there was a problem. I have experienced this knowledgeable and accommodating support in the past when I had iPod issues.

Now if only they looked after their factory workers in China as well as they looked after me.  Surely the biggest selling IT hardware in the world could introduce good ethical working conditions for their workers.  Come ON Apple don’t spoil things by screwing your Chinese workers.  DEMAND that the workplace is improved.

.. 🙂  ..  4 STARS for my experience, 0 STARS for the Apple factory workers experience