The photo is of the guard for my Alley – Dongsisitiao Alley.  The sign very clearly states –

“Dear residents,
In order to ensure the normal living order of the residents in the alley.
Please take care of the environment at the same time, and consciously maintain the good order in the alley;
Illegal operation of vehicles and unlicensed traders to enter the alley;
Motor vehicles please cooperate with the registration..”

I left Sydney for the 12 hour flight yesterday.  On the plane I met my two new best mates..  An ex Queensland remote policeman and an ex Ramingining Teacher who is now a Queensland headmaster.  The plan is that we will all go on a cruise in the Bahamas next year… lol, let’s see how that goes.

One thing I collect while travelling is marriage proposals.. I had no luck with these guys unfortunately, but I guess they don’t count because they are Aussies (& married) – the goal is to get one in every country I travel to. I’m pretty close to having a full collection.  The rule is that I have to steer a conversation to the point where they say we should get married (always jokingly) – generally it starts with business ideas and then gets to that point of them proposing we get married.. then ‘click’ I take the selfie and job done!

I arrived in Beijing at 11pm so I got my hotel to arrange a driver.  I had heard that it is hard to get taxi drivers to take you to the door in this area.  That is because the hotel is in an old Hutong area with narrow winding alley ways.  My guy was very nice and stayed while I checked in then brought my bags up to my room.  The hotel is a traditional courtyard house, full of artwork, plants and carved wooden fixtures and fittings.  A good choice!