– Should you get a massage if feeling sick?

Apart from the risk of passing your illness on to others (and thus rendering me unable to massage for a period of time), it is not good for your health to have a massage in the early stages of an illness.

If you are feeling hot/cold feverish, headache, nausea etc then your body is telling you to rest. The beginning stages of a cold or flu are the most contagious so you should stay away from others at that stage.


The main function of massage is to stimulate your circulation thus promoting healing. When blood flow increases, the activity of cleansing increases. This is the blood’s job- to seek and eliminate waste and toxins. The waste and toxins are moved out via the Lymphatic system.

You have lymph nodes concentrated in areas like your armpits, groin and neck – this is why they are hot and swollen when you are sick- because they are working overtime.

The body aches and pains feel similar to that post-massage feeling because your body is working in the same way. The Lymphatic System is stimulated and trying to remove toxins.


  1. when sick your lymphatic system is working hard
  2. massage stimulates the lymphatic system to work harder

Adding 1+2= You will feel worse and perhaps get sicker if you have a massage at this stage.

So please call or text to cancel your appointment if you feel sick.