I wrote the item below in anticipation of the usual Christmas season stress, but it’s relevant any time of the year….

It’s a fact that stress kills people. You have one life to live and it’s going to be a challenge- sometimes really difficult – without adding artificial stress to the mix. Some types of stress can be totally eliminated by adopting a better attitude or lifestyle. Developing good mature approaches to life help you when things are genuinely tough. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Being rich in love is more satisfying than being rich in possessions.

mmmmmSeasonal Stress – 43 days to new year

Written on 22 November, 2010

Talking with other massage therapists, I must say that the increase in stress hits suddenly and voraciously every year in late November.

This week, I have noticed the huge increase in clients with sudden back spasms, or suddenly unable to turn their neck or people falling in a heap with overwhelming stress.

It’s a tough time of year with deadlines, social pressure, impending family visits and the increasing temperature. As the cicadas start getting louder, it’s like the town does the same thing.

Put the brakes on.. Surviving the next 6-8 weeks

One of my clients used a great term. He said he looks for ways to ‘put the brakes on’.  Does everything actually ‘have to’ happen within the time frame you are working to? Remember January 2011 exists. The world will not end in 43 days … 

A daily reminder alarm on your mobile phone or Desktop calendar can help moderate behaviour eg daily at 4pm and 8pm you could have a reminder which says – ‘2 drinks are enough tonight’ OR ‘be in bed by 11pm, pace yourself’

PS: IF you think it’s going to be a shocker maybe it’s time NOW to

  • organise a day off,
  • book a counselling session,
  • organise an indulgent few hours,
  • plan a daily meditation session,
  • create a reminder on your phone
  • know yourself and be kind to yourself

or whatever helps to put the brakes on.



.. 🙂 ..