This revolutionary new plugin allows you to add logic to be used with any divi element element (module, section, row). The system works using shortcodes however, there are a number of pre-set examples and a polished interface to make using this plugin very easy indeed.

On activating the plugin you will see, right away, a new interface at the bottom of any section, row or module called “Display Logic”. Within this section you will find full instructions and some handy controls to get the logic you want. Please see screenshots below this text for a better example!

Examples of use

You might be thinking now “great idea but how would I use it??’. Here’s a few examples we’ve had so far from the community!

  • Show a marketing homepage to logged out but show handy links/articles to those logged in
  • Show members only content based on WordPress capability or role.
  • A restaurant business may wish to show the breakfast menu in the morning but the evening menu in the afternoon
  • An eCommerce store may wish to show documentation and post-purchase links to those who are logged in or have purchased (custom php filter)
  • Show an article or page to those who have signed up to a mailing list (custom php filter)
  • Show offers or holiday wishes on a per country basis..
  • Hide your local offers to those who don’t live in the same city
  • And many more!

Examples Built-In

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