Any hints on how to get the Featured Image to show up on Facebook posts from Divi (2.x – too busy to deal with 3.0 yet!) sites? It doesn’t seem to work on any of my sites when a link is added into a post. Screenshot attached.

Ographr plugin

All in One SEO plugin > Social meta. Then use Facebook debugger to rescrape the page

Have you tried https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug?

Run the link through the debugger twice

There are a few ways, a lot of people use the Yoast plugin. https://www.competethemes.com/blog/wordpress-featured-images-facebook-thumbnails/


If all else fails you can fudge it with some code in the body of the page (code module).

I had the same problem on a client site, and everything i tried so i bodged it with code. Here is the code i used.

<meta property=”go:title” content=”yourdomain.com | your title”/> <meta property=”go:image” content=”http://yourdoain.com/imagepath/feature.jpg“/> <meta property=”go:site_name” content=”yordoain.com some thing relevent here”/> <meta property=”go:description” content=”type out your description here”/>

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