The full header is part of Divi LadyJane Clark. It’s in the Purple section when you choose Full Section – Load from Library>Page Fullwidth – add Background and parallax.  Use with Blank Page (Dashboard>New Page>Page Attributes, change Default Page drop down to Blank Page.

Is it possible for me to have 4 buttons across (as in the example- built using standard sections) but using full width header section. – The full width allows for two buttons – I need 4. Any ideas appreciated. Alternatively – can get the standard section bkg image to go full width – but not text.

Create a section with the 4 buttons in below the FWH, then give it a negative top margin so it gets pulled up onto the FWH. Then give the 4 button section a higher z-index so the buttons are clickable


*SOLVED* Well, sort of 😀
I did get the code to move everything up to the top. I ended up making everything smaller and it moved it up, and it’s working great.

.page-id-469 .et_pb_fullwidth_header_0 .et_pb_fullwidth_header_container.left {
-webkit-align-self: flex-start;
-moz-align-self: flex-start;
-ms-align-self: flex-start;
align-self: flex-start;

I’m having a problem on almost all the sites that I use the Full Header. No matter how much copy, if someone is using a zoomed in screen or their browser is a bit short of default sized, the “next section” arrows always run into my CTA (sample below). Anyone have a suggestion on how to avoid this?.