Reviewing the technology I use for work as a web developer.

I’m currently awaiting the arrival of two items

iPad 2

– It will be put through it’s paces and given hell in central australia.  Does that iPad know what it’s in for? 
Firstly I have to say I’m very disappointed at the unethical labour apparently used by Apple to produce my iPad.  I still struggle with the fact that many of the items I enjoy today such as cheap clothing, chocolate and technology were created by people living horrible lives with few rights as workers.

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Chinese Apple Workers Forced to Sign Pledges Not To Commit Suicide


Fanny Wang headphones

– just ordered by my kids for my birthday present.  Apparently the sound is amazing and the price incredibly low.  Can this be true?  Soon my ears will deliver the verdict.  I really like the ethics of this company already –

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Fanny Wang Headphone Co. is giving back to the community. Ronald McNair Academy in East Palo Alto is holding the competition “Work Your Fanny Off!”

Encouraging kids to improve their benchmark scores with
5 lucky winners of the
On-Ear Fanny Wang Headphones..


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