How do you know that you have passed beyond simple sore shoulders and are experiencing an injury? Don’t ignore any of these symptoms – you may shorten your career if you don’t seek help.

•Stage 1 – pins and needles in the hands, often at bed time
•Stage 2 – weakness and having difficulty lifting the same amount as you once lifted
•INTERMEDIATE STAGE – waking at night in pain, experiencing pain when rolling over on your shoulder in bed, finding you need to change your sleeping position due to discomfort.
•Stage 3 – restriction of movement of the shoulder – eg can’t do the freestyle swimming stroke
•Stage 4 – unable to lift the arm or turn the hand over

The end stage, where you can’t lift your arm is called ‘Shoulder Death’ in Thai Massage therapy – if you reach that point, you don’t necessarily require surgery. It usually takes 2 years of commitment to stretching, massage and lifestyle change to restore full function. If you are patient and committed, you can have movement back again.