I would say a 6-9 weeks of maybe 10-25 hours a week. I meet with my client 2-3 times, I write or edit most of the copy, add squirrly SEO plugin and most keywords, hook it up to their social channels and google, edit and optimize their images (for seo) and find appropriate stock images as well.. I then record videos for them on writing blog posts and how to use the divi builder to add blog posts to the site. I work mostly with very small businesses and come at them as a marketer with website building experience rather than a web designer with marketing experience. I will also set up their Google Analytics using Tag Manager as well as Google Webmaster Tools.

I charge separately for the site build. The site copywriting. Any photography or large scale editing of their photos. The Social Media. And the SEO/Analytics. So they have ala cart pricing options.

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