ANOTHER UPDATE: Not sure what is happening with the !importants but with the 3.0.15 update, the older CSS just won’t override the negative margin !important declaration. So this updated CSS sets a max height for the section, and changes the negative margins to negative top positions instead.

UPDATE: If you had an issue with rows stacking in Divi 3+, the code and download have now been amended (Damn !important :/ )

Recipe #23 is something I started working on months ago and forgot about; How to Create a Scrolling Image Carousel in Divi. I found the draft I was working on yesterday when I was doing some cleaning up and thought it may be useful to some but I didn’t really like what I had done so I started again :).

There are are a few decent plugins you can use but my version uses the Divi image module and pure CSS, so one less plugin to worry about 😉 I have created this as a logo carousel but with some adjustments you could use it to display pretty much anything.

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