When I first got my iPad2 (it’s now 4 days old), the excitement wore off quite quickly. Is it really only a big iPhone?

I have now commenced an endeavour to make this baby useful!  It must pay it’s way!

  1. As the only alderman (councillor) on Alice Springs Town Council who is totally paperless, I’ll be reading my papers on iPad2 on Monday night – if there is a #fail, there will be an angry tweet. Follow me on twitter @_ijane_
  2. Also, I want to be able to log into client web sites and update them – can this be done?  I will find out.  Of course I can update the WordPress sites, but I want more.  I want FTP and an HTML editor.

The Cover

I forgot to say that the magnetic cover is pretty cool.  It’s a bit like a refrigerator – the light comes on as soon as  you open the cover and it sleeps when you close it. 

Mine is orange and I’m already bored with that, but they are a bit too pricey to buy more – time to get out the textas and make it look groovier.

I also have a docking station which is a bit dodgy and overpriced.  It doesn’t line up too well as there are no guides on the dock. A few grooves indented into it would make all the difference – guess I’ll have to use my markers to fix THAT problem too! 

Also, you have to remove the cover to use the docking station – WTF? not good design.