This guy did 220 Divi sites in 1 year

Juraj Cesnek its funny how someone qualifies as a web designer…believs it will all now happen – they sit and wait – their portfolio is great, but they dont realise you have to facebook, social media to death, optimise, learn, grow all the time – and you dont get money for that, but eventualy it builds – plus as you say hours and hours. We dont do this because its a hobby – we do it because we want to build those sites 🙂

220 SITES IN 18 MONTHS ! about 12 website in a month ? but how do you do ?
it takes me a month or more to do 1 website sometime : the css, the graphism, the UX, find the plugins or modifie them, the seo …. and what take a lot and a lot of time : talk with the client for hours by email for changes
and how can you sell a website for less than 200 dollars … well i really don’t know how you do.

Honestly Sandra – it was Divi that speeded it up – and everyone now ants the big full width experience of a site – powerful recipe

the problem is not to find clients for me (at that low prices), but how to do the job ?

if you really know what to do it takes about :
– 1h to open and install a wordpress on a provider like OVH (and cost 40 euros)
– half an hour to install a package of necessary plugins
– 1 hour to install and configurate Divi
– 1 hour to create the pages, the menu, the blog, the catégories …
this is half a day of work to have an empty website, without content, image, textes, and whitout the brief of the client : so the problems are about to begins ^^
Then you have at least one day to integrate the content, modiffie the css a little, and then you said your website is seo friendly so you have half a day or one day to configurate yoast (and modifie all the alt and meta descritpion)
and you hope that your client had sent you the images in jpeg and in a good size or your have one or two hours of work.
So for me, create a website is not possible under 3 days, so i still have my question : how can you do ?

220 sites in 18 months? Thats an average of 12 per month and that means you can do a whole site in 2-2.5 days? Thats like really efficient 😉

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