Found this story on fb:

My WP site was hacked a couple of years ago, and my hacked site posted on a hacker trophy page. My challenge was to repair the site and keep other hackers from re-hacking (I was very naive and did not know much about security). Once the “trophy” was posted, other hackers competed to see who could quickly rehack me. How did I find all this out? The hackers defaced my site with a LINK TO THEIR FACEBOOK page. AND posted a link to the The trophy site where my poor defaced site had a page, complete with commenting, all to itself. (no Facebook STILL has not taken the page down, despite the hackers publishing usernames and passwords of some site they hacked). I was able to track more hackers via their FB page “likes” (most from Latin America)…as it is a VERY popular “business page”. No one but me seems to think they are violating any “community standards”.

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